Sunday, July 24, 2005

Lost in the Shuffle: The UMC's

Undisputed Masters of Charisma

The UMC's: "Blue Cheese (Smooth Mix)"
The UMC's: "Blue Cheese (Instrumental)"
The UMC's: "Any Way the Wind Blows"
The UMC's: "Any Way the Wind Blows (Boom Mix)"

I was about to post these cuts off the Blue Cheese single, but O-Dub beat me to it, literally the same day. I gave it a few weeks to mellow out, and figured I may as well put em up here. Ego Trip's Book of Rap Lists got it right: "Fruits of Nature" is one of the most slept-on rap albums of all time. The production by RNS throughout is the epitome of early-90's flavor, and their lyrics almost lived up to their acronym "Undisputed Masters of Charisma."

The pre-Wu Staten Island story has been told many times before, but the UMC's lack of success can't be blamed on the Wu-Tang Clan. Hass G and Kool Kim's whimsical approach had some appeal at the tail end of the Daisy Age, and by the time their sophomore album "Unleashed" came around, the entire East Coast rap scene had gone grimy. To make matters worse, the duo were on the Wild Pitch roster, then the poster child for rap labels you wouldn't want to be on ("you don't want to make a Pitch that's Wild"). In an interview I conducted with the UMC's back in '94, Hass's disappointment with his record label was not masked; when asked what the situation was over at Wild Pitch, he answered, "they are delete and void from my mind." In all fairness, their second album just wasn't very good, and their Ill Demonic Clique (read: weed carriers) were even worse.

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At 7/30/2005 7:42 AM, Blogger Robbie said...

Special mention must go to the cheap Muppet knock-off that starred in the "Blue Cheese" clip.

At 1/03/2006 8:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Peace .. this is Kool Kim from the UMC's

the muppet was actually the puppet from the Oh's Cereal

and as far as the second album.. listen to it now.. and then say it wasn't good.

At 2/16/2006 3:55 PM, Blogger Rich_del_Alto said...

Shout out to the UMCs who kep our heads bobbin in the 90's with some great beats and lyrics. We all bought in to teh "grimeminess" that erupted in teh mid to late 90's but the UMCs were one of the last groups in that Hip Hop era when it was ok to be normal and not the thug persona that's epitomized these days. I've been looking for their album for a minute since losing all the singles and album on tape. Much respect y'all, hope the Lord's found a great path for you all.


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