Thursday, May 12, 2005

Ordinary No, Legendary Maybe: King Sun

It's a heat up

King Sun: "Hummm Deez Nutz"
from Strictly Ghetto EP, 1994

Always reveling in the obscure, this track is no exception. King Sun helped usher in the afrocentric era with his first two albums, beats courtesy of Tony D, in 1989 and 1990. By 1994, however, he was trying to catch up to the rap game, which no longer appreciated the pro-black message, and probably more importantly, the full-length leather and gold chains he was known to sport in 90 degree weather a la his Bronx brethren Kool Moe Dee. When Ice Cube dropped the single "Wicked," King Sun resurfaced, crying foul play over Cube's usage of the Don Jaguar-fueled "Wicked" chorus, which King Sun claimed was his own. The alt.rap board back in 1995 breaks it down in better detail than my memory can serve up.

Quote courtesy of (sic), 3/22/1995:
1. back when CUBE was fueding with what was left of NWA , he got jumped by ABOVE THE LAW at the New Music Seminar (1991?). KING SUN slanged his dogs and helped Cube out the jam and they was tight ever since.

2. KING SUN got let out of his contract with Profile records (early 1992 I think). SUN is contractless but him a Cube are still tight and they keep in contact.

3. Supposedly SUN BORN keeps CUBE up to date on his musical creations with the hopes that Cube can help him get a deal thru LenchMob or Priority... One of Sun's songs supposedly bears a GREAT resemblance to 'Wicked' from The Predator lp.

4. After the release of Wicked KING SUN is mildly perturbed (actually he was pissed but I have to justify my purchase of this Thesaurus) and confronted Cube during a show this past spring. No blows were exchanged but KING SUN has declared war on Cube.

While it's not covered in this particular thread, I do recall the Sun-Dulah bumrushing the stage at an Ice Cube show (those were the days...). Shortly after King Sun's accusations of plagiarism, Cypress Hill jumped in the fray with "Ice Cube Killa," claiming blatant beat jacking. Not sure what ultimately transpired, but safe to say that Ice Cube got the last laugh on this one.

"Hummm Deez Nuts" appeared on the Strictly Ghetto EP from 1994, and is a great example of King Sun's commanding baritone on the mic with some of that ol boom-bap. It includes probably the best series of testicular punch-lines that have ever been uttered in hip-hop. The overblown R&B chorus adds to the hilarity.
"I make only cream with the God Supreme
Life is real, reality is not a dream
Those who chose to sleep, I wake em up
Cause you're sleepin with ya mouth open, hummin deez nutz."

"I never let the worst things in life get the best of me
So take the testes and, um, open sesame."

Update: Anecdote from Mizzensch
I just remember it was an Ice Cube show with Flex on the wheels spinning beforehand. We were up in the balcony seats - and Cube was only maybe 15 minutes or so into his show - when you heard King Sun's voice booming from the DJ booth - threatening to come down to the stage and kick Cube's ass. Cube responded by welcoming him down. Confusion ensued, and moments later the lights came on and security kicked everyone out...

The story goes, I think - that security wouldn't let Sun get anywhere near Cube so no fisticuffs ever took place. But was definitely one for the record books...


At 5/16/2005 1:44 PM, Anonymous mizzensch said...

Word em up -- that infamous Cube show at the Palladium is one of those hip-hop historic experiences of which I can be proud to say "I WAS THERE!!" :)
Classic night. I remember me and my boys being more annoyed at the time than anything because the incident actually happened early on in Cube's show - causing the whole thing to be canceled early.

At 6/23/2005 2:54 PM, Blogger audio1 said...

that is totally dope. reminds me of KRS-ONE bumrushing PM Dawn (which is kinda funny)... Lemme know if you need teh Ice Cube Killa. I got the promo from back then on Vinyl. Props on thsi dope ass blog. we added it to the BrokeBBoys links.

At 7/21/2005 12:40 PM, Blogger The Rap Pundit said...

"niggaz said hip hop was dead but I awoken the spirit/
we're taking it, back in the day to the golden age
when wack motherfuckers used to get thrown off stage"
- Immortal Technique, "Obnoxious"

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