Friday, July 01, 2005

Dusty Cassette: Maseo Mixes De La's Greatest

This is for all you De La heads out there

De La Soul: "Saturday (Ladies Night Decision) + WRMS remix"

Remix with new verses from Q-Tip, Dres, and all three Plugs. Also features many guests on the WRMS show that didn't appear on the original album version, including Kane, a special Bob Power moment, and reappearance from the biddies in the BK lounge. Not much to say here other than that this is a perfect mix for a summer Saturday. With or without rollerskates.

Special thanks to Selecta at 720 Records for this classic tape.

...Staring at my boob tube
Listen to the box for a new groove
If I don't hear it and then i get my spirit lifted
I sit and write a rhyme cause I am that gifted...

Listen....this is Dres from this group called Black Sheep
When I'm not returning bottles of Similak for nickel deposit
I'm rollerskating to the flavor of WRMS


At 7/28/2005 2:53 PM, Anonymous nyps said...

First of all, great blog. I just stumbled on to it today, and I'm adding it to my favorites. Keep up the good work.

You might like to know that the "new verses" that you refer to (the ones paired with the killer Woody Woopecker sample) are actually from a b-side track from the "Saturdays" single called "What Yo Life Can Truly Be."

There is another b-side on that single called "Who's Skatin' Promo," which may or may not be what you called the WRMS remix.

De La is simply the best ever. Thanks for posting this mix.


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