Sunday, July 17, 2005

Dante is a Scrub?

Super scrub

Back in April I wrote a piece on the solid Long Island-based rap crew Hard 2 Obtain, and followed that article up with a related entry on Dante Ross. As with all Manifest Destiny posts, I do my best to provide readers with Extrablogicular Reading, and the H20 write-up had a link to a particularly scathing comment by Dante Ross. During his interview with Oliver Wang, Dante, looking especially scrub-like in the interview photo, replies to O-Dub: "...I never really liked [Hard 2 Obtain] either, I thought they were kind of wack actually and I kept saying that the whole time."

Fast-forward to July 14, 2005. DJ 67, aka Kevin Calhoun, aka Hard 2 Obtain's DJ, reads the Hard 2 Obtain post and comments with his side of the story. We have all laughed at the running "Dante is a scrub" joke, but this is no laughing matter. DJ 67 contends that Dante's taken credit for tracks that weren't his, suggests that internal SD50's politics weren't all gravy, and claims Hard 2 Obtain's weed-carrier status. And he's got some good points...who in the SD50's was really responsible for that soulful crate-digging flavor? Was Geeby Dajani the sole architect for such classics as "Step to the Rear" and "Pop Goes the Weasel," and who knows what else? Or is this the rant of an individual who learned #4080 the hard way? And last but not least, is Dante a scrub?

Extrablogicular Reading
DJ 67's comment on the Hard 2 Obtain posting
The Dante Ross interview that raised DJ 67's ire


At 7/18/2005 12:51 PM, Blogger djsixseven said...

Dear Manifest,

Thank you for posting my comments about Dante. I admit that it was a bit harsh, but it was fitting.

For it to be fiffteen years later, and see a common snake move like shitting on a group that you signed, produced, and put out. You have no valid reason, punk. Someone must have said something about us that was negative, and Dante being a *DR and not a person of LOYALTY, went right along with 'them' instead of sticking with his decision and working hard to set up meetings and get us with the right label.

Yes we experienced rules #4080 through #4089. But, we planted seeds and found a lot of genuine people in the industry.
(This is my opinion at the time of working with, touring with, opening for, burning with, and or /*&*%$#@! with. The love still stands today!) Bobitto, Jackie, and Pete, Strech Armstrong, Redd Alert, CM Mobb, Artifacts, Black Moon, Gangstarr (Premo played our shit on the reg), Monnie Love did too, Biggie/Mack, Das, Original Flavor, Run DMC and JMJ, Doug Fresh, Jay-Z, LONS, De La, EPMD, the Nash Family, Tribe, Souls of Mischief, Casual, The WU, Pete Rock&CL, Rob Pearlman, Born Jamericans, Ralph McDaniels, MOP, Easy E, 2Pac, DITC, Beast and Big John, Crazy Sam, Tuffy, Big Bub, the Fugees, TCF Crew, N-TYCE, Mike Boogie, Mike Butters, Ethan, Los, Kerwin, Ahmadd, The Licks, Kim and Kia, Brand Nubians, Walker Wear Girls, Jen, Billie Lawyrence, Tracey Morgan, Special Ed, Spike Lee, Shadey, Yo-Yo, G-Whiz, Kim and Crew, Gina Gupton, Miles, Fatts, Jason, Ill Chuck and the Armorment, The kids at GVYC and LES Centers, Kids at Westbeth, CBGB, the Tunnel, so many other venues, magazines, and radio stations where we performed at or interviewed with, from LA, to ATL, the MID-West, and the Chitterling Curcuit, a lot of industry people, and so many other groups in the same boat that we were in.

We are not stuck we we were!
These days the group has started clothing and real estate companies, opened stores, recording studios and became hospital administrators. We are raising families, ya know keeping it moving. rule #4090

To hear, from a good friend while in a busines meeting, who was down with the whole project, that one of the key players "never really felt it" but acted like he did when ever he saw us, is some 'Commodus' shit to do.

"the time for honoring yourself will soon be at an end...Highness"

Hey Manifest, I see I ain't the only one who feels, Dante is a Scrub.

Also, ask anyone he has ever negotiated contracts for or with. Check his track record.

What happened at "The Village Gate?"

A group is a team. There are a bunch of 'great' players who have never won a championship, but Bill Cartwright, and Brad Sellers got a couple of rings. Results are assessments from action.

*Dick Rider(dik-ryda'h) v. 1. extreme jocking of others' talent. n 2. One who justifies themselves by others' opinions.

Manifest Destiny
Good lookin,

You can't beat none of us

At 7/27/2005 6:04 PM, Blogger beez said...

I was wondering what you guys would have thought about that interview. I also thought DOOM and John Gamble would be pissed off since he basically said he didn't like "Mr Hood" and thought the sound quality was really poor.

I was just listening to Ism & Blues this week. Dope album. Dope album indeed. Props.

At 7/27/2005 6:44 PM, Blogger The Rap Pundit said...

What *did* happen at The Village Gate? ...You got us all very curious with that. Sounds juicy.

At 7/29/2005 1:49 PM, Blogger Jay Smooth said...

[reading thru shoutouts]

*AHEM*, we also played your stuff a lot.. lol

At 10/29/2005 3:11 AM, Anonymous DanteRoss said...

Iam gonna keep it real.6 7 you wouldnt know your ass fromm your elbow if it was connected to your wrist....o yeah it is conected to your wrist. My dude u straight the fuck up lied online right here. You know it in your heart and if it makes you feel better than so be it my dude. I did L.I. groove your biggest song, I did bust me down,I did most of the songs on your record with John Gamble on the help out/ engineering tip. I did Pop goes the Weasel,using SledgeHammer was my corny idea bro no ifs,ands or buts. You dont even know the half yet speak on the whole. Geebee while I love him like a bro wasnt holding it down plain and simple. Look I got you guys a deal,I got u a manager, I did some of your best songs,took you in my studio and laced your group. You werent even there half the time you have no idea. Step to the rear no matter what Gee might think was done by me and him but mostly by me.I mixed it also by myself,and though Gee defintly helped out( he had the piano hits I the loop Markeys/Last night) you shouldnt speak on what u dont know. As for corny pop goes the weasel I too had the idea for that and did most of it with a strong hand from Gamble. See I saw epmd open a show they were doing with 3rd bass with Sledgehammer and thought hmmm good idea to use what do u think Pete Nice? True facts ya heard! As for whatever attempt you made to malign me or my credibility eat shit corndawg. Half of the people u mentioned in the article as being cool were people you meet thru me one way or another. As for the village gate what the fuck are you talking about all cryptic like. Aint shit happen there of note my dude.And for your ass to be even speaking on me and Gamz or Gee's releationship thats uncalled for totally. Even more uncalled for is you speaking on Everlast and my runnings with him. You werent anywheres around and dont know jack shit about what went on and couldnt even fathom my importance and participation on that record. You wouldnt or couldnt even understand but suffice to say google everlast and see if a article with him saying I encouraged him to record what its like so really chill on even speaking on that. I dont think you ever even scratched on H20 records to my knowledge.Basically dude you angry and bitter cause of why I dont know? look I call it as I see it,I was being honest. Did I ever say the group were bad people,did I ever say you guys were crooks or assholes? Nah but you went there and just straight lied to the world. Check the facts dunny me I dont work with Gamble or Geebee and since then did I not make 2 Everlast records,recently do a song for Carlos Santana(my 2nd) a song for Ruben Studard and a Korn remix plus a song for Casual and a gang of other shit all by my dolo? Whats Gamz and Geebbe doing nowadays? Look I loved Gamble's work when his head was in the game,Geebee honestly didnt do much for a long time and did the weakest songs on your record in most peoples eyes( Babylon and everything else that sounded like tramp basically) and the same could be said for Curious record. He simply wasnt working hard. To say I was the wakest and my shit was the shit noone wanted to rock over is straight bullshit. Check out your own record for further proof. I say this to you I havent insulted you ever as a person why are you so angry at me? Sounds like mad rapper(in this case DJ) disease to me. Gut check yourself my dude your simply put full of shit but it makes sense you always seemed like a phony to me. If maliging me and my career made you feel better,important or was cathartic for you congrats. As for questioning my work ethic anyone who knows me knows your nuts with that shit. I may not be as chilly as Geebee, may not be as good of an engineer as Gamble but dude I am and was the m ost driven hard working and yep most talented sorry even if I do say so myself.

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