Thursday, November 18, 2004

Brothas Can't Believe How Tha Skills Have Gotten...

In my book, "Next Level (Nyte Time Mix)" by Show and AG is one of the most quotable early-90s classics. Andre the Giant's unstoppable flow is in full effect on this Primo-supported effort. Manifest Destiny serves four choice selections to the masses.
"All I see is blinkin' lights
Track boards and fat mics
950's, SP12's, MP60's
Shit is thumping, ear drums pumpin'
The shit is tight hype
'Cause the sample is tight right"

"Now here I go again ready to flow again
And if the coast ain't clear, oh yeah I'm still going in
Get it together or you'll be laying on a stretcher
I betcha I'm a getcha the number one heart stressa!"

"What's the remedy?
Suckas better get their own identity
And to the enemy, you better roll like there's ten of me
Fake lords they get strangled with mic cords
Taking beats from my LP for sure ain't healthy
Patterson Projects is where I rest
But I claim the whole planet
Cause it's mine god dammit!"

"Now dance with the devil?
No not hardly...
Even though I mamba like La Bamba
And smoke ganja like Bob Marley"

Artist: Show and A.G.
Song: Next Level (Nyte Time Mix)
Album: Good Fellas


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