Sunday, July 25, 2004

Primo Loves This Single: "I'm Still #1"

The first in a series, "Primo Loves This Single" postings examines joints that DJ Premier has exploited more than once in his productions. BDP's "I'm Still #1" graces at least three Primo productions:

1. Jeru the Damaja, "D. Original"
What KRS said: "I'm the original teacher of this type of style"

2. Gangstarr, "I'm Not Superman"
What KRS said: " I'm not Superman, because anybody can / or should be able to rock off turntables"

3. Ed O.G., "Sayin Somethin"
What KRS said: "So BDP, short for Boogie Down Productions / made a little noise cuz the crew was sayin' somethin'"


At 8/03/2004 12:20 PM, Blogger mizzensch said...

nice one Mike

my favorite "Primo Loves This Song"

is Marley Marl feat Craig G "Droppin Science"

I think we might have talked about this at some point via IM

Can you name at least 4 Primo joints that sample it? ;)


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