Sunday, July 11, 2004

Tha Realness

"You know what the fuck I think is just pathetic and gay?
When niggas speculate what the fuck 'Pac would say...
You don't know shit about a dead man's perspective
And talkin shit will get your neckbone disconnected
Disrespected, niggas don't show no love
Why you tryina be hardcore, you fuckin homo thug?!
And don't be sensitive and angry at the shit I wrote
Cause if you can take a fuckin dick you can take a joke
I choke your friends in front of you to prove you fallin off
And you won't do shit about it
Like the Church during the Holocaust
Kalishnakov machine gun flow that I fire
Obnoxious til they shoot me on the day I retire!"

Artist: Immortal Technique
Song: Obnoxious
Album: Revolutionary, Volume 2

For more information about Immortal Technique, check his bio.


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