Saturday, August 28, 2004

shamus po

shanmus po up in the his house whart ever the fuck thatr is. Its been a long time, i should have left you with some hagus, and magarine on a table cause is ireland we dont believe in puttin the butter in the freiege unless we\'re tryin to defrentiate between the word favor (american) amd favour for fuck sakes we came up with the english language although galic is better, then again whate ever d drunk boy, trying to slip little opn one eye d willy in its plafe place , yeah hip hop ytoday syuck asy syck sy sucks you have to either enjpy the old shcoll shcoo school shit, you know an d thn then you got drad derw d4 derw derw dres\d\\ dd der dredd scpott sd scott syai sayin take it a take it back to the old scool a swx school and the lilk hey ho! my name is ljeru jeru oh, you dont know! well fuck you d then, prince won in the end, the age oldf battle between prince and michael prince won, but prince is stul still a faggot, buthe aint no fasgg fot eit5her . oh my axcx axxe acx accent deviated a bit t dd fif i f fs sdf fd fd did it?