Saturday, June 05, 2004

Classic Unheard: Hard Knocks

Artist: Hard Knocks
Album: School of Hard Knocks
Label: Wild Pitch ("you don't want to make a Pitch that's Wild")
Year: 1992

Excerpt from Spine Magazine's review:
The formula was simple, but many could do with taking a note out of their book - funky hip-hop with a hard edge and conscious (but not preachy) lyrics. 'Nigga For Hire' was the lead single and had everything to make it popular: its fast rhythm and catchy chorus was backed up with no-nonsense lyricism
True dat.

Solid early 90s head nodding beats with lyricism that's reminiscent of Large Professor's flow with the consciousness of The Intelligent Hoodlum, "School of Hard Knocks" is one of the best releases of the era. Album highlights include "A Dirty Cop Named Harry," "Nigga For Hire," and "Thoughts of a Negro." Currently only available as a high-priced OOP release on Ebay...but keep scanning the used bins, it'll turn up.


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