Thursday, June 03, 2004

Opening Shots Heard Round the World (Updated)

Great debut verses in hip-hop history. Here are 6 "illiotic" verses to set it off...

Canibus, "Beasts from the East"
Source: Lost Boyz's "Love, Peace, and Nappiness"
Suggested by: Mizzensch
Choice selection: "Been rockin longer than niggas twice my age / back in the days before Bob Marley was rockin a fade / before Honest Abe signed the paper that freed slaves / before Neanderthals was drawing on walls in caves / I existed, in the garden of Eden gettin lifted / stickin dick to Eve before she was Adam's mistress"

Snoop Doggy Dogg, "Deep Cover"
Source: Deep Cover Soundtrack
Suggested by: Wifey
Choice selection: "...Hmmm, let me think about it / Turned my back and grabbed my gat / and guess what I told him before I shot it / 'If you don't quit, yeah, if you don't stop, yeah / I'm lettin my gat pop - cause it's 1-8-7 on a undercover cop!'"

Nas, "Live at the Barbeque"
Source: Main Source's classic "Breaking Atoms"
Choice selection: "Nasty Nas is a rebel to America / Police murderer, I'm causin hysteria / My troops roll up with a strange force / I was trapped in a cage and let out by the Main Source"

Andre the Giant, "Back to Back Rhyming"
Source: Lord Finesse's "Funky Technician"
Choice selection: "Brothers ain't half stepping, they're walking backwards"

2Pac, "Same Song"
Source: Digital Underground's "This is an EP Release"
Choice selection: "Now I clown around when I hang around with the Underground / Girls used to frown, say I'm down, when I come around"

Big Pun, "Watch Out"
Source: Fat Joe's "Jealous One's Envy"
Choice selection: "I doom the world like I was God and throw my gun away / Then snatch the moon out the sky, and blow the sun away"

Keith Murray, "Hostile"
Source: Erick Sermon's "No Pressure"
Choice selection: "The most beautifullest thing in this world / Is my notion, for murderous poetry in motion / And the illiotic shit I come across"

Jeru tha Damaja, "I'm the Man"
Source: Gangstarr's "Daily Operation"
Choice selection: "...When we rock knots and got props like Norm Peterson / Lots of friends, lots of fun, lots of beers / Got the skills, kreeno so I always get cheers / Troop on like a trooper no tears for fears / I'm a get mines cuz the crew'll get theirs / Cut you up like Edward Scissorhands / You know the program I'm the mutha fuckin' man..."


At 6/03/2004 9:49 PM, Blogger mizzensch said...

Canibus "Beasts From the East"
Lost Boyz joint off their 2nd LP...
At least I *think* this was Canibus' debut. Verse is one of the greatest and most ferocious in all of hip-hop, IMO.


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