Monday, July 12, 2004

top ten list what happened to them

list of artist who you thought would blow up, but somehow fell in a crack
or just got played by their label
list is in no particular order

1. Cool V and the whole hiltop hustlers ( steady b, 3x dope)
2. Dread Scott
3. Twin Hype
4. Channel Live
5. D-Nice
6. Tone Loc, laugh all you want, but this nigga had one of the top 5 illest voices in hip hop
7. Skinny Boys
8. Illegal (head or gut)
9. Steezo the fly negro
10. Dinco D and Charlie brown (poor bastards, must hurt to see busta blowing up like he has)


At 7/14/2004 5:22 PM, Blogger The Rap Pundit said...

Tone Loc, ever since the cartoon classic BEBE'S KIDS, has had a superstar career in Hollywood, culminating with his latest tv show, WB's "Superstar USA"

Dred Scott: good call. I know he was part of a jazz group called "Groove Collective," last I heard of them was on production for Adriana Evans' r&b album.

Hilltop Hustlers: In the words of Ras Kass: "You need to stop rappin and start robbin banks like Steady B". From what I recall, he also caught a body in that robbery, which would add up to many many years. Free Steady B!

Channel Live: Gone the route of so many other BDP members. Mad Lion. Ms. Melody. D-Nice.

Illegal: Jamal was part of the Def Squad for a minute, and Malik B was trying to start up his own lil rap career. Both went nowhere, but at least Jamal had some Redman production on his way out on his album "Last Chance No Breaks."

Charlie Brown is probably asking his Doublemint Twin sisters for an allowance.

May I add:
Poor Righteous Teachers--Wise Intelligent and Culture Freedom?
AZ--y'all know how I'm always checking for AZ. Wonder where he went after his comeback went sour.
Boogiemonsters--never really liked them, but wonder where they are now.
Lord Jamar
Oh I got a good one--KWAME THE BOY GENIUS lol
Chill Rob G

At 7/25/2004 12:21 PM, Blogger The Rap Pundit said...

This just in from's "News on the DL":

Though Leaders Of The New School have been broken up for nearly a decade, former L.O.N.S. member, Dinco D, is preparing to return with Tha Los Leader Album, and we were privy to hear eight new cuts, most of which were produced by Rick Rock. Tha Los Leader Album is also scheduled to include appearances from Busta Rhymes, Big Gipp (Goodie Mob) and Slimm Cutta Calhoun (if you're noticing a Southern hue to the LP’s guests, that's because Dinco now lives in ATL). Look for Dinco's solo-debut to be released in late 2004. But really, where is Charlie Brown (LONS)? - Matt Conaway

At 5/03/2005 5:00 PM, Blogger SLurg said...

D-Nice has a web design company, he still Djs, and does photography as a hobby.
Check his blog :


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